Bubble Struggle

Did you guys know that Bubble Struggle game series is the same as Bubble Trouble? In other words, if you did like Bubble Trouble you’ll definitely gonna love the Bubble Struggle game and here is why, the gameplay is the same only less frustrating and when it comes to visual part, it has been improved a great deal, which was the whole point of remaking the game. Besides the fact that Bubble Struggle looks better than all the previous games, it has more sophisticated and balanced gaming process. Plus the leaderboard from Mochimedia has been integrated into the game. Mochi leaderboards are good if you’d like your name, scores and achievements to be remembered always and forever. And yes, it’s that simple, you don’t even have to register to submit your scores, simply type in your name and the system will automatically submit your scores and other stats.

Another good thing about B. Struggle game is the control panel allowing you to mute the music and / or sound effects and even change your keyboard keys. And of course you can play the game in 2 player mode, just like before, only this time the mechanics of 2 player mode are more balanced. Good luck and have fun, enjoy playing Bubble Struggle and don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

  • Instructions

    "Simple, use arrow keys to move the cat and press space bar to shoot the spear, you can change the keys from in-game control panel."

  • What’s New in Bubble Struggle

    " Improved graphics and even more beautiful themes, fixed bugs with two player mode."

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